All the testimonials presented are absolutely authentic. The evoked experiences pertaining to the intimacy of being, and for the respect of people, only the first names are mentioned.

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  • Michel

    Under the conditions recommended, I lived a journey in two stages. The first sounds relaxed me, connecting me to different parts of my body by intense sensations of energetic concentration, neither comfortable nor uncomfortable. First the whole right brain and then several chakras: the third eye, the heart chakra, the solar plexus. The arrival of the breath propelled me outside of me and inside the earth, in which I headed in weightlessness as a cosmonaut. I felt as if I was in her intimacy hearing her bass tones, which were like the groans of a part of her; the higher sounds reminded me of her joyful part, full of life and hope. As the recitation of prayer progressed, the complaints have given way to the joyful sounds. The songs and the sound of the drum took me to ancient times, when the first inhabitants of the Earth had access to the intimacy of the Earth through their songs and rituals, and could communicate with her. I imagined participating in these rituals, dances, offerings… The final breath brought me back into my body, here and now. Glad to have contacted the sacred part of the Earth and also that of my inner being. A precious moment of escape.

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  • Christophe

    I listened to Earth’s Voice three times in the day. Sensations of well-being with strong vibrations at the solar plexus, as if a powerful energy invaded me. The words spoken could not be understood by my mind but I felt that my soul understood them: “Take care of the earth… Your whole being is connected with everything that is… Merge with the elements… Let Mother Earth breathe, she sends you the love energy you need…“ The words, as well as whale songs, resounded throughout my being and I felt benevolence simply by accepting what was offered to me. Gratitude.

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  • Sandra

    This song is so deep that 17 minutes seemed very short… The whale voice touched me, making me aware of this great blue planet and its animal kingdom. Then I was bluffed by the song: a close relationship from another time spoke to my heart… The voice of sacred women, then the drum… Great wisdom and gratitude invaded me just after the breath. Great…

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  • Laurence

    Strange feeling of vibrations that spread through the body and bounce. Soothing… Earth’s Voice left me with a feeling of calm and peace.

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  • Brenda

    I listened to Earth’s Voice several times. I welcomed it with pleasure, with an open mind and body! I let these sounds come to me… I let it happen and it was very good!

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  • Jean-Marc

    I had an authentic vibratory bath. My body has reacted powerfully, completely losing the notion of time from the beginning of the immersion (total black in the room, glasses off, belt released, posture lying on my sofa). A beautiful inner journey in which body and spirit (already very friends) joined in a fulfilling sensory fusion, with by the way, an erection almost to the end of the path. My personal mysticism was very well nourished…
    Congratulations and thank you!

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  • Dominique

    I listen and listen to the Voice of the Earth again. I still have it in my ears as I write.
    During the first listening, at the very first sounds, it was as if the frequency had invaded my diaphragm which, like a kind of sound pavilion, had made sound all the abdomen and the lower belly like a sound box giving them a greater weight. Confused, I let myself be invaded, then the sound went up to the head and made the forehead vibrate. And all my body has listened and resounded up to the breaths. The pulsation of the Earth had invaded me.
    And the whale began its roaring. Brilliant sequence with sounds that fade out in a wave motion and make me enter the ocean. Another whale answers. Is it her child? A dialogue takes place and the resonance of the sound creates the depth of the seabed. I’m swimming in the middle of a bench of huge whales…
    And suddenly, a voice speaks to me. Through the water, in the depths of the oceans, this voice tells me a story. Very ancient. The history of Life. Language is very old, I can recognize the sounds of all the languages today. A drum is even invited to accompany the ancestral scansion of primitive people (with two, three voices, four, five, a thousand?).
    The songs merge to find the sound balm of the beginning while the voice returns to whisper to me a sacred message with repeated redundancies as well as mantras.
    Till the breaths, those winds that cleanse me of all my gangues, winds that release all beings from their old skins, old beliefs, old lives, old deaths. The liberation work is completed.
    It’s great. I don’t know what else to say. Every time I travel, and every time it was almost the same trip, the one I just told.
    Good life to this Earth’s Voice.

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